Product information


Clinical Trials are executed across the globe and several trial registries, including primary registries (as classified by WHO in their registry network), exist today. Currently, the only way to know about a clinical trial is googling and visiting each registry which is time consuming.

Features aims to collect clinical trial information from all trial registries across the globe and provides below features:

  • Access to trials registered anywhere. Ex:trials registered in can be accessed here
  • Full text search on registry records ex: if you are searching for a topic, say ballon sinoplasty (NOTE: Search results can be bookmarked to quickly look at updates.)
  • Discover additional information about a trial ex: a trial may be registered in 3 trial registries globally where it is assigned different ids along with several other internal/external ids
  • Compare two trials using their registry ids
  • Analysis of trials ex: try the geo-visualization of trial counts across countries
  • Learning from previous trial's design and their outcomes


  • - Ease of access
  • Serverless infrastructure
  • Transparency