Product information

  • Client: Clemedi, LeucineRichBio
  • Product Name: BioCloud
  • Acronym:


Genetic data which is obtained from Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) needs to be analyzed to know the existence of any genetic mutations for diseases, disorders, drug resistance etc. This analysis is useful to provide better healthcare solutions for patients.


  • Upload - Enables user to upload a single FastQ file or multiple FastQ files.
  • View input files - User can view or download uploaded FastQ files from the default list. Also, user can view specific FastQ file by using search functionality.
  • Jobs dashboard - It enables user to view updates on uploaded FastQ files i.e. job level information which includes job id, start time, updated time and status code (MOSDepthCompleted, VariantCallingCompleted etc.). Also, this feature enables user to search for a specific job by entering any search text.
  • Download Results - This feature enables user to view the result files i.e. VCF file along with all the intermittent files (ex: bam files, BED files) generated at each step of the workflow.
  • View Reports - User can view or download HTML report which contains information on variant or genetic mutations identified, associated risk to develop certain disease(s) and drug susceptibility.
  • Authentication - It enables authorized users to login and access all the data and result files


  • Automated workflows
  • Secured platform
  • Serverless infrastructure (AWS or Google Cloud)
  • Role based authentication