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VaidhyaMegha is a startup from India focused on health, data, cloud and analytics. We are a team of Doctors and Software Engineers spread over Bangalore, Hyderabad, Vijayawada, and Boston. Currently we are working with clinics, researchers, hospitals and healthcare/pharma startups in India, US and EU.

Our Mission

Make healthcare as efficient as manufacturing by enabling its research and operations with devices, IoT, data, cloud, AI, human intelligence and ingenuity. Start with data, cloud and AI.

Our Goals

Create a public platform for clinical trials registry records.
Create a public platform for health devices regulator records.

Our Vision

Allow the care in healthcare to re-blossom.


We are working actively in below areas:


We are working closely with BioInformatics start-ups offering them 'Complete Technical Ownership' services to help them focus on the patient and innovation while our services address their software needs holistically. We build algorithms, sequence alignment and variant calling pipelines, metagenomic classification pipelines.

Clinical Trials

clinicaltrialsdata.org - Global, near real-time, free, full-text-searchable database of clinical trial records, is our first public offering. It currently has 500,000+ trial records from 20+ countries. We built AI/ML models, based on study design, to help predict if a trial would fail to complete and to find trials that are similar to each other.

Digital Health

We are working on cloud-native, collaborative, FHIR based regulation compliant EHR/EMR, HMIS solutions that work flexibly for clinics and large hospitals alike.


We are aiming to help diagnostic companies, clinics and hospitals scale securely with cost and operational efficiency through cloud. Further we are aiming to bring innovations through ML models.we are working on cloud-native PACS solutions with full-text and image search capabilities along with fast upload/retrieval, annotation, collaboration and analytics features.


VaidhyaMegha has put up a free web platform to interactively collect symptoms, XRays, CTScans and/or any other reports or files at https://lnkd.in/exm8ZR4. Please try it as needed.


Our work in BioInformatiics is aimed at helping start-ups in this space scale securely through cloud, reduce costs through algorithmic innovations. It includes :

  • Working at foundation level problems including motif finding
  • Building platforms to work with human whole genome sequences, for alignment variant calling and tertiary analysis
  • Building platforms to work with metagenome sequences, for classification/identification of microorganisms
  • Working with both long and short read sequences from various device vendors including Illumina and Nanopore


Clinical trials are executed across the globe and several trial registries, including primary registries (as classified by WHO in their registry network), exist today.

clinicaltrialsdata.org aims to collect data from all trial registries across the globe and provide below features :

  • access to all trials registered anywhere. ex:trials registered in clinicaltrials.gov can be accessed here.
  • full text search on registry records. ex: if you are searching for a topic, say ballon sinoplasty, try this search. (NOTE: Search results can be bookmarked to quickly look at updates.)
  • discover additional information about a trial ex: a trial may be registered in 3 trial registries globally where it is assigned different ids along with several other internal/external ids. Here's an example.
  • compare two trials using their registry ids
  • analysis of trials ex: try the geo-visualizaton of trial counts across countries here and
  • learning from previous trial's design and their outcomes.

These features are aimed to help avoid inefficiencies in trial selection, design and execution which might eventually lead to redundant and/or failed trials wasting - money, resources, time and effort.

Further we have built ML models which are available through APIs. They are aimed at :

  • Identifying risk associated with a study design by predicting if the trial would fail to complete
  • Finding trials that are similar to a new/existing trials. Thus allowing cross learning from past/ongoing trials and innovate faster.

clinicaltrialsdata.org is part of a suite of sites focused on making open datasets from clinical research, health care and related domains readily accessible.

NOTE:Please honor the data usage policies as prescribed by source registry sites.


Our work in Digital Health is aimed at helping clinics to large hospitals improve access, transparency and collaboration while scaling securely through cloud, further reduce costs through standards compliance. It includes :

  • working with standards like FHIR
  • applying software development guidelines from various regulations including HIPAA and DISHA
  • build ML models for various stages and aspects of care including prediction of length of stay and readmission
  • building operational workflows, analytics, dashboards, alerts and notifications through stream processing

Further we are trying to build ontology based knowledge graphs which will be made available through APIs.


Our deep expertise in imaging based clinical diagnostics spans more than 10 years.

We are aiming to help diagnostic companies, clinics and hospitals Scale securely with cost and operational efficiency through cloud. Further we are aiming to bring innovations through ML models. Our work includes :

  • working with standards like DICOM
  • enabling fast data collection, quick annotation, secure collaboration along with full text search and image search capabilities
  • build ML models for various aspects of diagnosis including prioritization of work queues and prediction of various condition ex: thoracic diseases
  • direct web viewers for various image modalities

Further we are trying to build patient-centric cloud-native holistic PACS system.


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Dr. Sudheer Kunkunuru's article in Molecular Imaging Society of India (MISI) newsletter on "MRI FOR IMAGING INFECTIOUS DISEASES"

Poster on clinicaltrialsdata.org at WHO 4th Global Forum on Medical Devices

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Presentation on 'Health Information - Retrieval archival and analysis on Cloud' at WHO 4th Global Forum on Medical Devices

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Team comprises of certified architects and engineers with deep expertise in software development and on cloud platforms esp. in AWS, Google.

Dr. Sudheer Kunkunuru

Founder, Director

Dr. Nandhu Mohan


Sandeep Kunkunuru

Founder, Director

Madhavi Marri

Founding Engineer - Software Developer II

Vijaya Chavvakula

Product Manager

Thulasi Yalamuri

Software Quality Engineer I

Shanthi Veshapogu

HR & Operations Manager

Chandra Kiran

Scientist R&D

Mahesh Sesetti

Software Developer I

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Software Developer I


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Naga Jyothi

Software Developer III

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