Product information

  • Client: GeneExpress
  • Product Name: TelePresence
  • Acronym:

TelePresence enables professionals to provide online services through virtual 1-1 consultation.
  • No registration - Login using gmail or facebook credentials.
  • Subdomain - Flexibility to choose a subdomain (user's existing domain can also be mapped).
  • Schedule appointment - Schedule an appointment easily by choosing calendar date and time. No conflicts in appointment scheduling.
  • Email notifications - On appointment booking, both parties will be notified with video conferencing link.
  • Calendar reminders - Scheduled calendar reminders until the meeting occurs.
  • Screenshots and recording - It enables users to take screenshots during the meeting and record the entire meeting
  • Chatbot messaging - It helps to engage users with alerts/messages when you are unavailable

  • Highlights

  • Ease of use
  • Serverless infrastructure (AWS or Google Cloud)
  • Secured platform