Clinical trials are executed across the globe and several trial registries, including primary registries (as classified by WHO in their registry network), exist today. aims to collect data from all trial registries across the globe and provide below features :

access to all trials registered anywhere. ex:trials registered in can be accessed here. full text search on registry records. ex: if you are searching for a topic, say ballon sinoplasty, try this search. (NOTE: Search results can be bookmarked to quickly look at updates.) discover additional information about a trial ex: a trial may be registered in 3 trial registries globally where it is assigned different ids along with several other internal/external ids. Here’s an example. compare two trials using their registry ids analysis of trials ex: try the geo-visualizaton of trial counts across countries here and learning from previous trial’s design and their outcomes. These features are aimed to help avoid inefficiencies in trial selection, design and execution which might eventually lead to redundant and/or failed trials wasting - money, resources, time and effort.

Further we have built ML models which are available through APIs. They are aimed at :

Identifying risk associated with a study design by predicting if the trial would fail to complete Finding trials that are similar to a new/existing trials. Thus allowing cross learning from past/ongoing trials and innovate faster. is part of a suite of sites focused on making open datasets from clinical research, health care and related domains readily accessible.

NOTE:Please honor the data usage policies as prescribed by source registry sites.